Healthcare is of course a very personal thing, but I think it has to have a scientific base. It has to be a combination of knowledge based on research and statistics, adapted on your situation and with which you feel comfortable. And it has to be safe, because you have to feel safe. You have to be able to make a decision knowing all the pros and cons.

To give you more background, I will tell you some things about me:
I wanted to become a doctor to help people, to make them better. As I started my studies I thought I wanted to become a “Doctor without Borders”. I chose later on to become a Gynecologist. By making this choice I can still go to the third world for a week or two if I wanted to. And Gynecology and Obstetrics is a very diversified job. I see women of practically all ages and with a great variety of problems. I can certainly help and cure people like I wanted when I started Medicine.

I have Dutch and French roots and in 2010 I emigrated from Holland to Brussels to live and work there. I feel at home in Belgium. I like the hearty way of life and the politeness. I now have 2 daughters, Amélie, born in 2014, and Annabelle, born in 2017.

Hopefully you now have an idea who you choose for when you come to see me. I invite you to see if we get along and if I can help you.
Dr. van Dijl